Tradition and innovation, from farm to fork

Altamura Farm has been working for 5 generations in the extraordinary setting of the Sele river plain (near Salerno in the Southern of Italy) where tradition and love for fields fuse to give life to a strong agricultural culture.

The farm extends across about 250 Ha of greenhouses and it is specialized in the baby leaf production: rucola, baby spinach, lollo rosso, lollo biondo, baby iceberg, red chard, mizuna, baby kale, green/red batavia, corn salad, bull's blood and more.

After a growth and qualification process of the company, aimed to supply the increasing requirements of food safety and respect for environment, the Farm Altamura adhered to the good agricultural practices international standards achieving several certifications such as GLOBALGAP, TESCO NURTURE CHOICE, LEAF MARQUE, SEDEX, FIELD TO FORK, BIOLOGICAL PRODUCT./p>